The Future Of Neuro-oncology AI Is Here

Patient-first & Clinician-centered Neuro-oncology AI Platform For More Precise Clinical Management 

Neuro-oncology AI platform to Empower Management of Neuro-oncology Patients

Our Technology Aids Proper Management of Neuro-oncology Patients Through Improved Workflow, Seamless Systems Integration, Precision Imaging and Standardization

Our Technology Integrates Seamlessly Between Healthcare Professionals 

Our Technology Aims To Improve Survival 

Our Technology Allows The Integration of Non-imaging Information For More Precise Analysis of Patient’s Data

Our Glioma AI Works

The First AI Solution In Our Platform

RANO (Response Assessment Neuro-oncology Criteria) Is Critical For Clinical Decision Making in Glioma

2-D manual measurement for RANO assessment is the current standard of clinical practice and is suboptimal to 3-D automated technique

Currently clinically implemented manual 2D analysis of brain tumors is less accurate, very complicated and time consuming

Currently clinically implemented 2D measures introduce significant inter- and intra-rater variability 

Neosoma-Glioma Automates RANO

Using AI to fully automate RANO is the future and the future is now through Neosoma Glioma AI

Automating RANO through Neosoma-Glioma improves accuracy, efficiency and reproducibility of RANO assessment

Automating RANO through Neosoma-Glioma allows standardized assessment across clinicians, institutions and clinical trials for improved collaboration and objective data comparison

Neosoma-Glioma Is 95% Faster

Neosoma-Glioma is a deep learning convoluted neural network AI technology built to identify, segment, and perform volumetric analysis of the different tumor compartments, for RANO assessment, of high-grade brain gliomas, utilizing two independent artificial intelligence pipelines for analysis of pre-operative and post-operative MRIs

Neosoma-Glioma Automates Radiation Planning

Neosoma-Glioma additionally segments the post-surgical cavity, residual tumor (RTV) and Organs At Risk (OAR) on post-operative MRIs for a faster, precise and reproducible radiation planning

This AI capability is a standalone pipeline and is transferable to other brain masses in need for radiation planning 


Our AI Is Better

Neosoma Technology Empowers All Specialities Involved In Clinical Care, Academic Research and Clinical Trials Of Neuro-oncology Diseases


Cancer Diagnosis

Our Technology saves time, adds precision to the MRI diagnosis, eliminates inter- and intra-rater variability and prevents radiologist burnout


Resection and Biopsy

Our Technology adds confidence to intra-operative targeting through seamless, vendor-neutral MRI-based navigation system integration


Radiation Therapy

Our Technology saves time, adds precision to therapy planning, eliminates inter- and intra-rater variability and prevents physician burnout


Clinical Trials

Our Technology facilitates clinical trials through imaging automation of MRI analysis, reducing inter- and intra-rater variability and preventing high rates of adjudication

Our AI Works with Routine MRI Sequences

Neosoma-Glioma is cloud based; the output is based on routinely-acquired MRI sequences, which are normalized through pre-processing modules, and are then analyzed via our proprietary deep learning technology.

Our AI Evolves Through A Unique UI Feedback Loop

Potential For Institution-Specific Algorithms With Higher Accuracy, Precision & Reproducibility

Neosoma Team & Advisory

Neosoma is co-founded by Neuroradiologists and Software Developers with a proven track record in healthcare, AI and business.

The team incorporates top talents in Neuroradiology, Neuro-oncology Research, Radiation Oncology, AI Development, FDA/Regulatory, Statistics, Strategic Planning, IP Management, Technology Research & Development, Data Management and Imaging Curation

What the experts are Saying About AI In Neuro-oncology Management

“We are at the dawn of a renaissance in imaging technology in neuro-oncology. Artificial intelligence–based techniques and approaches for automated response assessment are going to increase in sophistication and complexity in the years and decades to come” Benjamin Ellingson UCLA.

“Data from the literature clearly indicate that volumetric measurements of tumor burden and response are equal to or better than 1D/2D measurements of tumor extent, especially with tumors that are irregular in shape such as glioblastoma” Jumpstarting Brain Tumor Drug Development Coalition, Imaging Standardization Steering Committee.


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Patient-first & Clinician-centered Neuro-oncology AI Platform For More Precise Clinical Management 

NeoSoma’s mission is to empower neuro-practitioners to better research, diagnose and treat Neuro-oncological diseases through deep learning imaging analysis technology platform that is more precise and reproducible in comparison to current practice. 

Our goal is to become the premier supplier of digital imaging analysis technology in the field of Neuro-oncology.